Do You Have Blocked Drains, Need CCTV Drain Inspection or Need Hot Water Units Repairs in Murrenbeena?

Plumbing messing up your day? Can’t get that Blocked Drain open? Need some assistance with your Hot Water Unit? Hire us and get your fix fast and efficiently in South Murrenbeena.

Well, don’t be worried, you are not alone. This is the right place for you. At TJ Plumbing and Gas fitting company we have helped hundreds of homeowners to get over the frustrating plumbing problems.

Our company, TJ Plumbing and Gas fitting offers affordable professional services. Our company owner, Tim Rogers is a licensed and registered plumbing services provider in Murrenbeena.


What You Get From TJ Plumbing and Gas Fitting Company

Hot Water Unit or other plumbing issues? We can fix it in no time in South Murrenbeena.

Quality assured work on Hot Water Units is our specialty, we can get your problematic water unit fixed in no time in South Murrenbeena; you won’t have to suffer through those cold showers in the morning. We will get the problem sorted out in no time, so you can continue on with your day without any unnecessary delays.

Call Tim on 0416 112 753 to get the hot water units fixed on the same day.


Blocked Drains getting on your nerves? Get them cleared in a jiffy in South Murrenbeena.

We assure quality and efficiency when it comes to clearing Blocked drains, our experts will easily clear any stumped drain in no time; customer guaranteed is assured, we strive for it and will make sure that you have a great experience with us.

Call Tim on 0416 112 753 to get your blocked drains fixed.


CCTV Drain Investigation service? We have you covered with the best and most professional technology in South Murrenbeena.

If you’ve ever lost something valuable like a ring in a drain, you may want to know whether or not it’s still in there. We have the best CCTV Drain Investigation equipment and we will confirm if your item is still there and then retrieve it. If however your drain is acting up, we can get to the cause of the issue in no time, and fix it with great precision and efficiency.

Call Tim Today on 0416 112 753 to get your CCTV system installed for easy monitoring of your drain system.


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