Do You Have Blocked Drains, Need CCTV Drain Inspection or Need Hot Water Units Repairs in Ormond?

Do you have blocked drains, faulty hot water units or need CCTV Drain Inspection Services?

Well, you’re not alone. This is the right place for you. We have helped scores of homeowners to get over the frustrating plumbing problems.

Our company, TJ Plumbing and Gas fitting provide affordable professional services. Our company, Tim Rodgers is a licensed and registered in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


What You Get From TJ Plumbing and Gas Fitting Company

  1. Professional Local Plumbing Services

TJ Plumbing and Gas Fitting Company is a professional plumber you can trust. We cater for all your plumbing needs regardless of how big or small the job is. We deliver professional Services from Unblocking drains, hot water pipes and providing CCTV Drain Inspection Services.


  1. Fast & Friendly Service Delivery in Ormond

We are the leading plumbing services providers in Ormond. We deliver quality services within 24 hours. Contact us today to have your blocked drains fixed.

We understand that having a blocked drain may be a nightmare to you. The common causes of blocked drains are sanitary products, fat from kitchen refuse, hair, baby wipes and tree roots. We are equipped with the most sophisticated blocked drain equipment which helps us fix the problem within a short time.

Call Tim on 0416 112 753 to get your blocked drains fixed.


  1. Fast Hot Water Unit Repairs

Hot Water Unit Failure can be a huge pain. We understand that you need the Luxury of having hot water upon demand.

Call Tim on 0416 112 753 to get the hot water units fixed on the same day.


  1. Efficient CCTV Drain Inspection

Blocked Drain system results from poor inspection of your drain system. Poor inspection may end up costing you a fortune when the drain system block. As a result, you need a reliable CCTV Drain Inspection Service.

Call Tim Today on 0416 112 753 to get your CCTV installed for easy monitoring of your drain system.


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